I write and produce music for dance, film and media – always trying to find a special blend of all the elements of music that I love: twangy electric guitars, jazz sounds, acoustic instruments, a heavy dose of circuit bending loops and synth sounds. I can compose bespoke music for your project or – as an alternative – offer you a non-exclusive license from my back cataloque.

From my teenage days until today I played electrical guitar, piano & synthesizer and (sometimes double-) bass professionally in various musical settings – rock & jazzbands, big-band and orchestra. I studied with Wayne Brasel & Les Wise at the American Institute of Vienna/ Vienna Cons. as well as the Universitaet der Kuenste, Vienna, and recieved a concert diploma in Jazz & Fusion Guitar.

I worked as music producer and guitarrist in recording studios on a wide range of productions – such as alternative rock bands, jazz formations and full orchestra – for (or with): Altona Rehearsal Studios & Art Of Music Studio (Hamburg), Peppermint Pavillon (Hannover), Hansa Tonstudio (Berlin), De-Phazz, Oli Rubow, Matthias Meusel, Pitti Hecht, Jan-Haie Erchinger, Zacky Tsoukas, George Bishop, Johannes Rosenberger, Tony Lakatos, Reggie Worthy, VW Philharmonic Orchestra. My Corporate Clients include: VW, D.A.S.- Versicherungen, Carnehl, Tanztheater Kunas Modernos.



Michael C. Fischer




  1. Muted Trumpet Mood 2:52
  2. Electric Koto vs. Ebow No. 2 3:00
  3. T-Monster Was Sent Off 2:39
  4. Cue No. 07 Einer Ist Keiner 2:54
  5. Maries' / Linda's Theme Einer Ist Keiner 1:05
  6. The Titanic's Piano 2:15




  1. The Circus Janice Mirror 3:07
  2. Heavy Heart The Inca Roads 4:42


Write me a message or reach me under +49 160 11 03 214. Thank you for your interest in my music!


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